24 year old Latino originally hailing from NY but now making his life in Western MA. Learning to fall in love with many things again, including myself and the area that I hated for so long. Educated. Motivated. Determined. Not much stands in my way and I work hard for the things I want. I reblog and post things that call out to me. As you can see I am very eclectic.Don't be afraid to message me (really dont be haha)


3rd August 2012

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I may be a little obsessed lol…Can’t help it, I mean common look at them.¬†

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9th June 2012

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Pokemon super heroes part II

 found at:http://blog.thaeger.com/2012/05/09/pokemon-superheroes/

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30th May 2012

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Pokemon Avengers, I love it!

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30th May 2012

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So many hot people!!!! *drools*

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